Month: June 2019


Are you moving into that dream house you have been eyeing for quite some time? Great, Congratulations on your new home! But after the initial excitement dies, there comes the fear of packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking, and settling down! But things could get a lot easier if you have the to-do list on the William Gaudreault homepage for all that you need to get done. Also, find a Full List Here on things to do after you move into your new home.

List of Things To Do Before You Move In

Here are the essential tasks that you need to get done before anything else:-

Install New Locks

Installing new bolts and locks for your main door is essential. Who knows how many people have access to the keys of your new home ranging from previous owners to brokers. To ensure that only you have access to your new home, get your locksmith to change it immediately, or do it on your own with the newly bought set of locks.
Clean Your Space

Even if the previous owners or tenants might have cleaned it or not done it, you will need to clean the place thoroughly before you move in. Planning to clean it after you have moved in with your stuff is a blunder to do, no matter how much time you lack. Either hire a cleaning service and monitor the do every nook and corner, bathroom, kitchen cabins, etc. or do it yourself with your family. If you plan to do it yourself, get the necessary supplies, including mops, brushes, buckets, etc. Well, a clean home is a job half done!

Redecoration and Renovation

Get your walls painted with the colors you wish to see every day. There might be cracks that need to be fixed. Fix it up with paints. Painting your house on your own can be a tedious task but can be fun if you have your friends and family to help around. Or you can have it done professionally by some painters.
If you plan to get the house redecorated to your taste with new furniture, wall hangings, etc., you could do it as well. Purchase new furniture for your new home if needed and plan the arrangements and layout.

Check Your Storage And Shelving Options

Most houses need not have suitable storage cupboards, shelves for closets. You need to check what all you will need to buy to keep your items and things, whether it is cloth hangers, cloth wardrobes, bathroom shelves, kitchen cupboards, etc., there must be something that might not be available in your new home.

Know Your New Wiring

You need to study the electrical wiring and switchboards of your new home. There must be fuses that need replacement or any rewiring for some of your new appliances. Get new switchboards installed if necessary and replace the old broken ones. Also, know where the main switch is so that you can switch off the power supply in case of an emergency arising in the time of repairing.

Getting your heating and cooling systems now will help you save your money. When winter or summer strikes, it will be challenging to get a technician at the time, and he will probably charge you extra. You also need to make sure that all the boxes you packed have been delivered without damages. Any damage caused will have to be charged on the moving company, for which you will need to take photos of all valuables before being packed and moved. Also inspect your house for any pests or rats, mites, etc.

You need to familiarise yourself with the neighborhood and know about hospitals, department stores, butcher shops, schools, etc. Moving into a new home means new surroundings, neighbors, making new friends, and discovering a new you. Have a happy time shifting and settling into your new home!