Month: July 2021

Investors and individuals are drawn to Canada’s successful real estate market. So it is a good point to note the recent issue about the GST/HST Rebates and Rental Investment Real Estate (referred to in GST/HST terminology as “real estate”).

Investors in a rental property may not be eligible for the GST/HST new housing rebate. The New residential rental property rebate is included by default in all the sales and purchases agreements. This is because the investors don’t intend to use the property for their primary residence or the primary residence of their families.

Purchase and sale agreements for new property assume that the buyer qualifies for the New Housing Rebate. They then incorporate the rebate into a tax-included purchase price. Builders can market their homes at a lower cost than usual by using this method. The builder can credit the rebate against the closing tax, which allows the buyer to receive the rebate right away.

Investors who claim the New Housing Rebate incorrectly instead of the New Rental Rebate are regularly assessed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). If they wish to apply for the New Rental Rebate, applicants must submit their applications within a couple of years of the month’s closing time. One must apply for the HST rebate in Ontario within a couple of years of the completion of the project.

What Is The National Rural Redevelopment Plan?

Only new condominiums and new home purchases qualify for the NRRP rebate. The buyer must make plans to rent the condo or home. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is responsible for processing rebates. After submitting a rebate request, applicants should keep all supporting documentation and paperwork for six years. The application paperwork should be comprehensive and complete and submitted by the CRA’s deadline. If you would like to know more about the GST/HST, it might be helpful to read the reviews about the same here first.

How To Apply To Get The Hst Rebates In The Correct Way

For each HST rebate application, applicants must submit actual invoices that back up the application of rebate for six years. The CRA will accept only the real invoices signed by the applicant. Canada Revenue Agency will not accept project estimates and monthly accounts statements as valid documentation for tax purposes.

Late Submissions Of HST Refund Applications

As a rule, CRA will not accept any rebate applications submitted after the deadline. However, there are some exceptions. These include sickness or injury, flood or fire, or interruptions in mail services, etc. The New Residential Rental Property Rebate application could be re-considered if the Canada Revenue Agency is responsible for the extension beyond the deadline of 2 years.

What Is The Average Time It Takes To Receive A Rebate?

CRA usually sends NRRP and comparable HST housing rebate within a few months of applying. It is possible to process some rebates in as little as four weeks, and the average HST rebate process can take up to six months. Due to the strict deadlines and application process, some land owners might find it difficult. To speed up the process, it will be a great idea to hire tax rebate experts for help in completing all paperwork.