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Home additions are one of the most challenging and exciting home renovation projects. Not only does it add additional space to keep your family safe and happy, but it also increases the value of your home. Like any major renovation, it is important to ask the right questions early on and establish a realistic budget to ensure the renovation goes smoothly. Click here to find out more.

Before you start working on your home addition, take time to ponder on these factors.

Why do you intend to create an additional space?

A house addition could be a wise investment for your health and comfort in the future. Before you begin planning for such a large undertaking, take some time to reflect on why you are doing it.

These are some thoughts:

Are you planning to expand your existing rooms? What are your plans for maximizing the space?

Are you looking to increase the number of bedrooms and bathrooms?

Considering your situation what would the purpose of a second bedroom be? Is it possible to make a size concession in this scenario?

What are the most important things you want to include in your home?

Is this an addition suitable for your family members?

Is it possible to add a home extension without spending as much?

How will this affect the sale of your house in the future?

Is it really necessary to construct a second floor from the ground up? Does a partial build with a new master bedroom and a bathroom suffice?

When renovating your house, you should also explore other options besides adding an extension. Achieving your goal without adding a lot – like finishing a basement or tearing down separating walls in order to create more space – can save you money on construction costs.

Partial builds are another option that is more realistic and less expensive. In some cases, you can also add another floor to your garage, but this generally requires a garage to be rebuilt too.

Consider the special feature you need to include

You might have specific architectural features or interior fittings you want to add, and all of these must be considered during the design process. Following are a few special features that you might want to consider for your home addition project.

New fa├žade, siding, windows, doors, roofing, stone, brickwork, and a dormer.

Different styles of flooring, skylights and doors, lighting, or a fireplace in your interior design.

How Much Do You Have To Spend On Your Project?

Home additions are expensive projects. Before you decide on your budget for home renovations, it is important to consider the following questions:

What length of time do you plan to stay in your house?

What price can you afford? What effect will it have upon your quality of life?

What are the prospects for a substantial return on your investment?

While considering smart investments is crucial for a home addition project, as with all other construction projects, it is also important to prepare for the unexpected. Unexpected expenses and delays can occur. To account for unexpected events, always add a 20% cushion to your estimate.

A bank can fund many home additions through a loan or simply add to your existing mortgage payments. You will also be eligible if you have more equity in your home. Banks usually base their decision on the amount you will invest and whether or not it is likely to increase the value of your home.

Do You Need To Be Aware Of Any Building Restrictions?

Before you start construction on your dream addition to your home, check that it is allowed by your local zoning regulations. The bylaws determine the maximum size of a home allowed on your property. They also regulate the size of your yard and landscaping standards.

You must also consider natural features such as trees and other vegetation on your property. The Toronto city administration requires residents to obtain permission before cutting or removing trees.

You will need to submit drawings and applications for permits to build a significant addition to your home before you can begin any major project.


For your home addition project, it might be wise to hire a company with a lot of experience in innovative works. You should ensure that they can provide a portfolio to prove their abilities.

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