Things To Know About Ending A Tenancy Agreement

Are you in a situation to end your tenancy before the agreement period? There are certain things to be done to break a lease or terminate a residential tenancy. You have to follow the Residential Tenancies Act and Rental Fairness Act before you end up your tenancy. A clear understanding of the termination of lease laws can help you to evict your tenant without any issues. Read this article to know more about how a landlord can end a tenancy ontario. ? It offers an excellent review of various things to be followed during the process.

Reasons For Ending A Tenancy

According to the Residential Tenancies Act, landlords can end their tenancy before the agreement period in various circumstances. If the tenant performs some unlawful activities that he is not supposed to do based on the rental agreement, then the landlords can end the tenancy agreement. Some of the activities are listed below.

  • Do not pay his rent
  • Damages the rental property
  • Creates issues with other tenants
  • Make use of the residential property to indulge in illegal activities.

Some of the no-fault reasons for ending up in a rental agreement are listed below.
You wish to carry out renovation work in the rented property.
You want the rental property back for your use.

Steps To Be Followed To End A Tenancy Agreement

Follow the following steps to end the tenancy agreement.

  • Send a notice of termination to your tenant stating the reason for the end of the rental agreement.
  • The landlord must wait for a certain period after sending the notice.
  • After the waiting period, file the papers for eviction hearing at the Landlord and Tenant Board of Ontario.
  • Based on the situation, you would be asked to attend the hearing.
  • The court decides the date for eviction.

Make sure to follow all the procedures of the Board for the eviction process.

Notice Period

The amount of time offered for the tenant for eviction depends on the reason for ending the rental agreement. Usually,10-20 days of the notice period is offered to tenants if they have broken the lease agreement. In the case of no-fault reasons, the notice period is longer. It can range from one month to three months. The notice must be sent before the termination period. Fill the right form as the notice varies based on the reason for ending the rental agreement. Fill the forms right else the notice would be considered invalid.

Tenant Refuses To Leave
There are situations when a tenant refuses to evict your rental property after receiving the notice. You have to take the help of the Board to make the tenant evict your property. Board may call for a hearing where both sides can explain their standpoint.

It is not easy to end up your tenancy agreement when you deal with difficult tenants. You have to follow the procedures right to get back your rental property. The above guide would help to end your tenancy agreement in the right way.

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